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Purple Rain Papayaberry Herbal Iced Tea

Purple Rain Papayaberry Herbal Iced Tea

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Purple Rain is an amethyst infusion of fruity deliciousness. Served hot, it is a comforting cup of purple bliss. Served iced, it is as refreshing as getting caught in a papaya and blackberry rainstorm on a hot summer day. Purple rain! Naturally caffeine-free!

Each quart pouch contains 10 grams of tea leaves and yields 32 ounces of brewed tea.  Each bag includes 12 pouches - enough to brew 12 quarts of Purple Rain!

To cold-brew, simply place overnight in a one-quart pitcher of water. Awaken to find a tea rich in flavor and aroma.
For quicker preparation, steep in hot water for five minutes and add ice.

INGREDIENTS: hibiscus, butterfly pea flower, apple pieces, rose hips, orange, papaya flavor, blueberries, strawberries, natural blackberry flavor

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