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Coal Miners Daughter

Coal Miners Daughter

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Coal Miners Daughter:  This wonderfully scented, hot tea stirs up memories of the sweet rewards of berry picking in the hills and the hollows.  This intensely fruity combination of forest fruits on a mild China-Ceylon black tea base, coupled with a creamy cocoa note and an hint of cinnamon will take you home again…..even if its only in your daydreams.

INGREDIENTS: Black tea, black tea (62 %), cocoa peel (20 %), broken cocoa bits (5%), flavoring, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, cinnamon rods, cinnamon pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, mountain blueberry leaves, freeze-dried whole blueberries, freeze-dried cranberry slices, freeze-dried whole raspberries. CONTAINS CAFFEINE

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp per cup, bring water to 212F.  Infuse for 3- 7 minutes.

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