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Candied Apple fruit blend

Candied Apple fruit blend

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Ripe, tangy apples, coated with sticky, sweet, red caramel. This delicacy is hard to pass up. Our mild fruit tea blend with its big apple slices captures the flavor perfectly.

Brew time: 10-12 minutes Brew Temp:  203-212 °F  Amount:  1-2 level tsp./ 8 oz serving
Ingredients:  apple pieces, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), hibiscus blossoms, white sugar stars (sugar, rice flour, rice oil, potato starch, flavouring), natural flavoring, apple cubes, apple slices, freeze-dried strawberry yoghurt crunchy (sugar, skim milk yoghurt, starch (tapioca), strawberries, natural flavouring, black carrot juice concentrate, acidifying agent: citric acid).
Important: Always brew with boiling water and let infuse for 5-10 minutes in order to obtain a safe beverage!
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